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XML Extensions


Third Party Software
for krpano

Side Menu Plugin sidemenu.xml XML-only Plugin
for Flash and HTML5
by Umalo -


It's very simple way on how to create your own menu. Simply enter your menus in xml file, include provided xml files and that's it. If you want to make your own design play with prepared attributes and come to menus you like.

This is a xml-only plugin. No SWF files are provided or needed.
Just store the sidemenu.xml next to your xml file and include it. Then add your a <group> xml structure file (like in the example) to define the menu structure and menu items.
From example folder also copy/paste following folders in your project: 'gui_menu' and 'plugins'.

Download  (plugin and example included, 1.011kb)

Syntax / XML Usage Example

Make call to initiate_menu(); when you want the menu to be displayed. It can be done e.g. onloadcomplete, onstart, onclick (plugin/hotspot). Include the sidemenu.xml in your main tour xml and define a <group> xml structure for your menu items.

<krpano version="1.16" onstart="initiate_menu(); loadscene(pano1_1,null,MERGE);">

    <!-- include the menu -->
    <include url="sidemenu.xml" />

    <!-- define the menu items -->
    <group name="level_0">
        <group name="object_1" value="1. GROUP" link="switch_menu(1);" />
        <group name="object_2" value="2. GROUP" link="switch_menu(2);" />

    <group name="level_1">
        <group name="object_1" value="GROUP 1 - element 1" link="loadscene(pano1_1,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />
        <group name="object_2" value="GROUP 1 - element 2" link="loadscene(pano1_2,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />
        <group name="object_3" value="GROUP 1 - element 3" link="loadscene(pano1_3,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />

    <group name="level_2">
        <group name="object_1" value="GROUP 2 - element 1" link="loadscene(pano2_1,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />
        <group name="object_2" value="GROUP 2 - element 2" link="loadscene(pano2_2,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />
        <group name="object_3" value="GROUP 2 - element 3" link="loadscene(pano2_3,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />
        <group name="object_4" value="GROUP 2 - element 4" link="loadscene(pano2_4,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />
        <group name="object_5" value="GROUP 2 - element 5" link="loadscene(pano2_5,null,MERGE,BLEND(0.5))" />

    ... scenes ...


Creating your menu structure: Edit the <group> structure according to your needs.
level_0 is the highest level. You can add up to 20 groups/elements.
Change only value and link attributes.

This exmaple is prepared for loading separate scenes for each panorama.


You are free to use the software and its source code in your projects. If you feel making a donation so I can afford to continue making these plugins and making them available please use Donate button and choose amount afordabele for you.