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for krpano

HTML Page inside Pano Plugin. modal_window.xml for Flash and HTML5
by Nataliya Kovarskaya -


  • The HTML Page Plugin adds an interactive html page to the viewer.
  • The plugin creates window inside your panorama/tour and opens in it the content of the external html page (the whole site).
  • The html page may be displayed on the same server as your pano, or on the any other server
  • The plugin allow to send different parameters from krpano viewer to html.
  • The html window can be freely sized on the screen and adapted for your design.
  • The plugin allow to add for the panorama all the power of internet page: different feedbacks, image galleries, slide-shows, multi-pages references, etc...
  • Allow to use JavaScript, jQuery libraries, PHP, etc...
  • If you have not advanced html knowledge, the plugin provides the easy-to-use ready makets.
  • One codebase works the same on desktops and devices.
  • The simple XML interface.


  • The plugin price is €59.
  • The archive includes the ready-to-use examples:
    • the feedback with the restaurant reservations,
    • the image gallery with slide-show,
    • the flipping pages of the menu
Buy now (plugin and example included, 1,5Mb)
Note - the "Extended Download" and "Backup CD" options in the Share-It order form is not needed but enabled by default! It can be removed by clicking the "Trash"-button!


1. The plugin use js scripts. You must place the folder with the name js in the same directory as your main html file, which start the pano/tour.
2. You must include in the head of your html file the js scripts and the style sheet before the close teg </head>
@import "js/iframe.css";
<link rel="stylesheet" href="js/iframe.css" />
<script src="js/mootools.js"></script>
<script src="js/ClassicFrame.js"></script>
<script src="js/ClassicBarry.js"></script>

3. In your xml file you must include the xml-plugin.
<include url="plugins/modal_window.xml" keep="true"/>

4. To open/close the window on events "onclick" from the button or hotspot you must add the action:
- To order the dimension of the open window in px:
  • a - the width of the window (for example 400, you cannot use the percentages)
  • b - the height of the window (for example 300, you cannot use the percentages)
- To order the dimension of the open window in percentages:
Warning! The percentages works only in version 18 and higher.
  • a - the width of the window (for example 0.8, the digit must be in the interval from 0 to 1)
  • b - the height of the window (for example 0.65, the digit must be in the interval from 0 to 1)
  • Don't use both width and height 100%. In this case you can't close the window.
The other parameters in both cases:
  • c - the name and the adress of your html file. The absolute ( and the relative paths (slideshow/page.html) are available.
  • d - the title of the window It will appears in the color bar at the top of the window. If the parameter is missed, the color bar does not appear.
  • The color of the upper bar you can order in the iframe.css (..js/iframe.css) at the second string.


  • The feedback with the restaurant reservations.
  • The flipping pages of the restaurant menu.
  • two examples in one pano
  • The Image Gallery with the slideshow function.
    • The example of the gallery from jQuery Library. You can find this one in the archive.
    • You can add the name of the gallery as well as the name of each photo.
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