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GTransition transitional effect in the style of Google/Matterport


GTransition - is a plugin for krpano, which add transitional effect in the style of Google/Matterport

Latest information about plugin is always at


How to install

  • Create virtual tour using droplet, for example "MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet.bat"
  • Add hotspots and link panoramas using tour editor
  • Download plugin and copy gtransition folder in the virtual tour plugin folder
  • At the end of tour.xml file before tag insert two lines
    <include url="plugins/gtransition/gtransition_settings.xml" />
    <include url="plugins/gtransition/gtransition.xml" />	
  • Refresh the browser page with a virtual tour, click on the hotspots, check the work of the plugin


Setting up the plugin is performed by editing the gtransition_settings.xml file. Here is basic settings:

  • transition_depth - transformations depth of panoramas
  • transition_speed - transformations speed in seconds
  • blending_delay - delay before blending one panoroma into another

In addition to the settings of the plugin itself, the krpano settings necessary for the proper operation of the plugin are set in this file. These are loadscene_flags and webvr_gyro_keeplookingdirection to enable KEEPVIEW modes. An optimal blending effect (blending) of the panoramas is also set when switching from one to another (the loadscene_blend parameter).

By default, the plugin uses a modified skin_hotspotstyle_click - krpano action, called when you click on hotspots. If another procedure is used to load scenes, then in order to add a transition effect to it, by clicking on the hotspot, you must call gtransition_effect (p1, p2) action with two parameters, where the first (p1) is the ath hotspot value and the second (p2 ) - your scene loading procedure.

For example, if the following code was used in a hotspots onclick:

skin_loadscene(get(caller.linkedscene), get(skin_settings.loadscene_blend));

Then it needs to be changed as follows:

gtransition_effect(get(caller.ath), calc('skin_loadscene(' + caller.linkedscene + ', ' + skin_settings.loadscene_blend + ')' ));

Download and\or purchase GTransition for krpano

Fully functional demo version and full version of the GTransition plugin can be downloaded here.

Download\Purchase GTransition plugin for krpano


Ask a question or search for an answer in the official GTransition plugin's group on Facebook